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Cookie Cutter Care

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Sugarkiss Cookies Cookie Cutter Care

Now say that ten times fast - haha!

First off, if you're reading this you probably purchased one of my cookie cutters! So thank you so much for supporting my small business!

This page will provide you with all the information on my 3D printed cookie cutters from what they are made of to how to take care of them!

It's pretty simple, really. The main thing to remember is they are NOT dishwasher safe. These cutters are made from a food-safe PLA Plastic (Polylactic Acid) which derives from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane. This means they will absolutely melt in the dishwasher (I learnt this the hard way unfortunately). I recommend that you wash them with warm (not hot), soapy water and let air dry!

Basically, avoid all heat as you normally would with plastic!

A couple of other important tips to remember are:
-Do not leave them to soak
-Do not use to cut into warm/hot dough
-Make sure to store them properly away from the elements! (I store mine in bins from Michaels in a closet) 


Like these!

Cookie Cutter Information
All of my cutters have an approximate area of 12 square inches with the exception of the letters and numbers which are 5 inches high. Each cutter has a total depth of 1 inch to really make sure you clear that dough. I personally like to provide my customers with a large, thick, and fluffy cookie and therefore a long cutting blade and large area was necessary in my design. The handle overhang and cross bar provides stability and comfort when cutting into your dough.


For a list of my cookie cutters and their corresponding design ID# visit this

A Helpful Tip...
Although plastic cutters are not the sharpest, I find they can still produce a great looking cookie and you don't ever have to worry about them rusting like your typical metal ones!

When using these cookie cutters to cut into dough, gently push down until it has fully cleared the dough and onto the next side. Use your hand to shimmy the cutter around in a circular motion so all the edges are separated from the existing dough (This is where the nice handle comes in). This also helps create a nice finish around the edges!

Disclaimer: These are all just suggestions and come from my own personal experience

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